NUL character

Giuseppe Ghibò ghibo at
Tue Dec 16 11:11:10 EST 2008


I've noticed recently when I was setting up a new cyrus server (in 
particular 2.3.12) bundled with postfix that cyrus
sometimes returns a 554 error saying

host blabla[cyrus_socket/lmtp] said: 554
    5.6.0 Message contains NUL characters (in reply to end of DATA command)

I remember that in the past releases there was something similar (in the 
past the
NUL character was generated by cyrus when large lines [> 8191 chars] 
were occurring,
but IIRC that was fixed). In this case I found the NUL character was in 
a end part of a mail
contaning a base64 section (and not lines longer than 8191 characters).

As result of this error, postfix send a bounce (but usually the mail is 
a SPAM, so fake address).
To avoid this is it possible for cyrus to avoid to generate this error, 
or ignoring or sanitizing the \0
or adding a config option for doing so?


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