mailboxes.db vs ctl_mboxlist -d

David Carter dpc22 at
Tue Sep 4 10:38:02 EDT 2007

Is there a reason why "ctl_mboxlist -d" generates output of the form?:

   user.dpc99\t0 default\tdpc99\tlrswipcda\t
                        tab here

The actual values in mailboxes.db are stored as:

     Key: user.dpc99
   Value: 0 default dpc99\tlrswipcda\t
                   space here

Consequently "cyr_dbtool /var/imap/mailboxes.db set < file" expects input 
lines of the form:

  user.dpc99\t0 default dpc99\tlrswipcda\t
                       space here

I just spent a rather puzzled half hour playing with cyr_dbtool, wondering 
why utilities were started to segfault and abort() in amusing ways.

Entirely my own fault, but it does demonstrate the danger of using tabs 
and spaces inconsistently. I think that cyr_dbtool is correct and 
ctl_mboxlist is in the wrong here.

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