Patch for 2.3.9 mod time bug

Bron Gondwana brong at
Sun Sep 2 18:41:36 EDT 2007

On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 09:51:09PM +0200, Michael Glad wrote:
> I also observe the 2.3.8/9 problem with sync_server not properly
> setting the mtime of sync'ed messages. 
> The problem seems to be that the sync_message_fsync routine
> writes (flushes) to the message file after the utime call.
> I've made the enclosed patches which solve the problems at least
> for me. It records the proper utime in an extra field of the
> sync_message structure which is fed to a utimes call after
> the flushing has been done.

Thanks Michael.  I have to apologise for not remembering that you
had sent this to me last week, because we were talking about this
issue just the other day (check the list archives - they're 
available via anonymous IMAP for easy import into your local mail
client if you don't like using web archives)

John Capo also has some techinque to fix this same issue - it
would be great if the two of you could agree on the best way to
do it and convince Ken to take the patch so it gets into the 
next release of Cyrus.

Oh - and welcome to the list!  It's great to see such a community
of people working on Cyrus and so many improvements going in

(speaking of which, I'm on the train now and I forgot to check
out the latest SVN code so I can't sent it now, but I wrote a 
patch last night to stop cyr_expire segfaulting on corrupt 
cyrus.cache files.  It also adds a "-p PREFIX" option which
allows only a subset of folders to be expired, was handy for


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