Fwd: mech_step takes long to return

Aditya Khasnis aditya.khasnis at criticalpath.net
Tue Oct 23 07:54:16 EDT 2007


We have a LDAP server that uses Cyrus SASL library v 1.5.27.

On AIX 5.2, we observe that the SASL searches take long to return. The
behavior is such that the first SASL search that we fire returns fast but the
subsequent search takes long time to return.

I have tried to debug SASL library and in the place where it takes long is
 the function sasl_server_start(), and exact location is line 1205.

It will be great if you great if you could provide us any guidance to debug
the problem. The mechanism we are using in the search is DIGEST-MD5.


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