Ready for 2.3.10?

Wesley Craig wes at
Fri Oct 5 14:17:30 EDT 2007

This is a show stopper, i.e., it results in data loss:

The two fixes are pretty trivial.  I have other comments on running  
ctl_mboxlist -m from cyrus.conf START, but those are probably not as  
critical as these fixes.

This is broken:

Not really a "show stopper" but it consistently generates useless  
noise on the support lists.  I don't believe:

is the correct solution, either (tho that has some non-et issues that  
ought to be teased out).


On 05 Oct 2007, at 12:43, Ken Murchison wrote:
> I *think* 2.3.10 is just about ready.  Does anyone feel that there  
> are any showstopper bugs that need to be addressed before I make a  
> release candidate?

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