Sieve not applied to mailbox when using imapsync

Ken Murchison murch at
Wed Oct 3 11:24:16 EDT 2007

marc+cyrusdev at wrote:
> I have a sieve script that is doing what I want it to do when I email
> the account.
> I'd like to have this script run when moving mail from one mailbox into 
> the account with the script, but it is not doing that when I use 
> imapsync program.
> So.....what do I need to do to get the mail to pass through the sieve whe
> when going to the new mailbox?

Sieve scripts only get executed when mail is delivered via LMTP, not 
when APPENDed via IMAP.  There is a specification for an IMAP-Sieve 
extension being worked on in the LEMONADE working group, but its not 
complete, and not implemented in Cyrus.

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