[POLL] Defaulting allowplaintext to disabled

Ken Murchison murch at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Mar 28 07:30:51 EST 2007

Kenneth Marshall wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 28, 2007 at 08:08:43AM -0400, Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Martin Konold wrote:
>>> Am Tuesday 27 March 2007 schrieb Ken Murchison:
>>> Hi Ken,
>>>> control both the protocol-specific plaintext login commands (IMAP,
>>>> mechanisms (PLAIN, LOGIN). 
>>> Yes, this is a good idea.
>>>> Since sending passwords in the clear sucks, and I would like to think
>>>> that most reasonable admins disable this option anyways, would anyone
>>>> have a major gripe if we change the allowplaintext option to default to
>>>> disabled in the 2.3.9 release?
>>> I think this is absolutly sane and actually what todays administrators 
>>> expect.
>>>> Obviously, we will document this change 
>>>> prominently in the release notes.
>>>> https://bugzilla.andrew.cmu.edu/show_bug.cgi?id=2922
>>> What about adding an option to limit the plaintext login commands to 
>>> IPs/IP-Range? For all useful purposes I can imagine this would be really 
>>> helpful.
>> I don't want to make this one option too complicated.  What you propose 
>> can be accomplished by using proper service lines in cyrus.conf.  You 
>> can specify a particular hostname/IP in the 'listen' parameter, and you 
>> can either use a special imapd.conf file allowing plaintext, or you can 
>> use the '-p 2' command line option.
> Ken,
> We currently allow plaintext passwords for POP/IMAP but require that the
> channel use SSL or TLS. Would it be possible to have an option value that
> would allow that functionality, that is do not allow plaintext unless either
> a STARTTLS has been issued or the connection is via SSL.

That will be the default behavior with my changes -- you will NOT be 
able to use plaintext authentication without SSL/TLS protection, unless 
specifically configured to do otherwise.

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Project Cyrus Developer/Maintainer
Carnegie Mellon University

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