A couple of goodies

Wesley Craig wes at umich.edu
Thu Jul 12 18:44:30 EDT 2007

On 12 Jul 2007, at 16:32, David Carter wrote:
> rename() isn't quite as safe as linking each message in turn and then
> removing the source mailbox: if the power fails after the rename() but
> before the mboxlist is updated then you have a missing mailbox.  
> However:

> 1) Mailbox renames are rare

Accept on the first of the month.

> 2) Fast rename completes in a fraction of a second, regardless of the
>    size of the mailbox
> 3) The sys admin can always fix the problem by hand (and it would
>    be possible to log all renames to make it easier to spot problems).

Perhaps we should add the new name to the mboxlist first, and then  
remove the old name.  That way, even in a power loss case, the user  
would have access to their mail, either with the old name or the new  
name, depending on whether the rename succeeded.

> delayed_delete.patch
> ====================
> Companion to deleted expunge.
> Translate IMAP DELETE to a rename. The mailbox ends up in a  
> nominated hierarchy (but the same partition) which is only visible  
> to admin users. cyr_expire gains a -D option to match -X for  
> delayed expunge.
> Benefits _substantially_ from fast_rename above.

How does it compare to this:


UM has been running this version of delayed delete in production for  
some time.


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