Configure problem

Tiron Adrian tiron_adrian at
Sun Jan 21 08:21:13 EST 2007


First of all i'm not sure that this is the place to post this problem, but i didn't find a better one so here it goes.

I ran configure like this :
./configure --with-sasl=/usr/local/lib --with-perl --with-auth=unix --with-dbdir=/usr/local/bdb --with-bdb-libdir=/usr/local/bdb/lib --with-bdb-incdir=/usr/local/bdb/include --with-openssl=/usr/local/ssl --without-ucdsnmp

And i got:

configure: error: Berkeley DB 3.x or later was not found.  You may need to
supply the --with-bdb-libdir or --with-bdb-incdir configure options.

Yesterday it compiled when i used bdb 4.5, but i've read somewhere on the net that i should downgrade to bdb 4.3 and now 
configure doesn't work anymore. Any ideas?


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