Various small patches

Rob Mueller robm at
Thu Feb 15 07:20:13 EST 2007

>> Given we're suggesting logging the msgid, from, to, mailboxname and uid
>> of every message delivered, I don't see too much of a problem in logging 
>> the msgid, mailbox name and uid of every message expunged, it should be a 
>> pretty similar order of magnitude and would provide very useful tracking 
>> information.
> My concern wouldn't be the volume of logs, but the spikes that large 
> expunges could cause.

Good point, but is that usually a problem? Most people run use syslog with - 
in front of their log files to make them non fsync. I guess the concern is 
that a very large flood could overload the net buffer and cause lines to be 
dropped, or all the calls to syslog could actually slow down the expunge 
process itself, especially with the delayed expunge option. I guess being 
able to set some "logmask" imapd.conf option might be the best approach so 
people can decide what they want logged?


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