Various small patches

Rob Mueller robm at
Thu Feb 15 07:10:24 EST 2007

>> lmtpd - deliver: <$msgid$>, from=<$from$>, to=<$to$>, uid=$uid$,
>> mailbox=$mboxname$
>> lmtpd - sieve discard: <$msgid$>, from=<$from$>, to=<$to$>
>> lmtpd - sieve redirect: <$msgid$>, from=<$from$>, to=<$to$>, 
>> redirect=<$redirect>
>> lmtpd - sieve error: <$msgid$>, from=<$from>, to=<$to$>, error=$error$
>> imapd - expunge: <$msgid$>, uid=$uid$, mailbox=$mboxname$
>> Does something like that sound reasonable?
> Yes, although I doubt that you want imapd/ipop3d to log the UID of
> every single message which is expunged.

Given we're suggesting logging the msgid, from, to, mailboxname and uid of 
every message delivered, I don't see too much of a problem in logging the 
msgid, mailbox name and uid of every message expunged, it should be a pretty 
similar order of magnitude and would provide very useful tracking 


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