Cyrus+Postfix+Cyradm questions

Tiron Adrian tiron_adrian at
Tue Feb 13 02:48:05 EST 2007


I was following the Postfix+Cyrus+Web-cyradm howto and there are some things i can't understand:

1)Why if i give the command:
 "cyradm --user cyrus localhost ",it asks me only the imap  password for cyrus and
  if i give  
  cyradm --user cyrus --server localhost --auth plain it asks me
     for 2 passwords,the password from /etc/sasldb2 and from mysql database ?
  2) Why i can login to cyradm with regular users(which i have them
  on  my  accountuser table) and the cyrus admin as before and i can't
 login with per domain admins which are on my adminuser table?Is it
  because these per-domain admins should be in /etc/sasladb2?
  3) Why is the "cyrus" admin in the accountuser table ?Shouldn't it
 be in  the admin user table?

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