Need advice: mailbox-based \Seen flag

Fabio Pietrosanti (naif) lists at
Fri Aug 31 08:12:47 EDT 2007

I would really be interested in that feature.

It can make the support of strong groupware while the 'spooling' of an
email message in a shared mailbox is managed by a group of several people.

What's \seen and what's not \seen will be used by the group of people
working on that mailbox to know if someone has already get in charge the
management of the tasks required for that specific email.

For this way of working a shared \seen would be really and seriously

I will be available for testing as you require because i am really
interested in that feature.

Fabio Pietrosanti

Boris Lytochkin wrote:
> Hello!
> I need an advice in implementing per-mailbox \Seen flag (or 'shared'
> \Seen flag in per-user basis).
> For now I want to implement it this way:
> 1) add a new mailbox attribute, say 'sharedseen'
> 2) switch path for .seen file in imap/seen_*.c:seen_getpath() if
>    'sharedseen' flag is set on mailbox.
> 3) changes in replication module?
> So, setting 'sharedseen' attribute to mailbox will cause using
> per-mailbox seen-file.
> What are weak points of this implementation?
> Is there more correct way to make per-mailbox \Seen flag?

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