Need advice: mailbox-based \Seen flag

Boris Lytochkin boris.lytochkin at
Thu Aug 30 23:23:12 EDT 2007

> My quick thoughts would be the following:

> - Add a 'sharedseen' mailbox attribute as you suggest (as a mailbox 
> annotation)

> - When a mailbox is opened that has this annotation enabled, we open the
> seen state database for the special 'anyone' user instead of the 
> authorized user.  This would allow using the same API with minimal 
> changes.  Perhaps we could come up with a better userid then 'anyone' 
> but its already reserved as special via ACL.

It will work as long as we want to use shared folder for every user.
As soon as we want to restrict access to a set of users, this would not

Let me explain why I need this. There is an account that gets all
root and robot mail. So shared \Seen would have meaning of 'this mail
has been read by admins'. That is why I need to restrict access to
these shared folders.

> - As an alternative to using a seen db for 'anyone' we could go back to
> using a local seen db in the mailbox folder, but then we'd have to have
> function pointers to swap between the functions for local access vs 
> per-user access.

It seems to be more realistic scenario.

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