ACL update

Alexey Melnikov alexey.melnikov at
Thu Sep 14 10:06:52 EDT 2006

Martin Konold wrote:

>>2) who is allowed to modify/create which of those
>>On the one hand it would be nice to allow/disallow modification of
>>folder system annotations through normal ACLs, on the other hand, it
>>would also be nice to have control over annotations in an even finer
>>grain (i.e. allow modification of some system annotations while
>>disallowing others), which I can't imagine how this could be controlled
>>via the normal ACL system.    
>The internet draft answers your questions partly. Please come back and then we 
>can discuss the ACL question. Please be aware of the fact that the current 
>implementation of ACLs in cyrus imapd is not uptodate to the lastes ACL2 
>I am for many reasons very interested in ACL2 support. Is anyone working on 
>this already?
Martin, when you are saying ACL2, which document you are referring to?

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