Patch for LIST-EXTENDED capability was: imap annotations was: KONSEC work on Cyrus IMAPd

Ken Murchison murch at
Mon Sep 11 09:01:56 EDT 2006

Martin Konold wrote:
> Am Freitag, 8. September 2006 15:36 schrieben Sie:
> Hi Ken,
>>> 1. server annotations
>>> 2. system annotations for folders
>>> 3. user annotations for folders
>> After a quick read of the above, I think you're correct.  Do you have a
>> proposed framework for implementing and enforcing the above?
> I think that implementing the METADATA capability as described in 
> is 
> the key step towards solving this issue.
> Before we can contribute a patch which implements the METADATA capability we 
> need the LIST-EXTENDED capability 
> (
> The LIST-EXTENDED capability is the successor of the older and in the meantime 
> expired LISTEXT capability.
> For this purpose I uploaded a patch to 
> . This patch optionally 
> adds LIST-EXTENDED in a clean manner while keeping the older LISTEXT 
> capability. On one hand it is keeping the old LISTEXT and on the other hand 
> it allows to easily make LIST-EXTENDED the default in the future.
> This work was mainly done by Levin Fritz <levin.fritz at> from KONSEC 
> GmbH.
> Ken, please have a look at the patch and consider it for inclusion in the 
> current CVS version.
> Please don't hesitate to comment on the quality and style of the provided 
> patch as we intend to provide more incremental patches in the future and we 
> aim to make your work as easy as possible.

I will try to look at it this week.  I have other pressing business to 
take care of first.  I'm not sure that we need to keep the old LISTEXT 
code, since it was a compile-time option and I doubt that any clients 
are using it, but I'll have to think about it some more.

Kenneth Murchison
Systems Programmer
Project Cyrus Developer/Maintainer
Carnegie Mellon University

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