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Fri Jun 9 05:22:48 EDT 2006

   Hello Yadaventra,
   It is not very clear from your e-mail whether your problem is to  
connect postfix with sasl, or sasl with a database. For the latter  
case you can start saslauthd -a pam and configure the sasl's pam for  
database (there shall be a module to do this). At least this is what I  

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  Subject: Postfix+SMTP_AUTH+SASL+MSSQL
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> Hi,
> I am configuring smtp-auth using postfix and Cyrus-sasl. But I am   
> using MSSQL as database where users username/password details will   
> be stored. Anyone aware of whether it is possible to achieve this   
> and if yes then how this can be achieved. Also pwcheck_method:   
> pwcheck and pwcheck_method: saslauthd are same ?
> Regards.
> Yadavendra.

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