weird problems with lmtp

Eli Ben-Shoshan linkages at
Thu Jun 8 10:59:24 EDT 2006

Hi all. I am having some real weird problems with my lmtpproxyd. First the setup:

Gentoo linux
Cyrus imapd v2.2.12 in a murder
glibc v2.3.5
sysklogd v1.4.1

The problem that I am seeing is that at some seemingly random interval instead
of getting a standard lmtp banner, I get a lmtp banner that has syslog output in
it. For example a regular lmtp banner looks as such:

220 LMTP Cyrus v2.2.12-Gentoo ready

but from time to time I get:

<183>Jun  7 12:53:46 lmtp[22241]: connection from
[]220 LMTP Cyrus v2.2.12-Gentoo ready

(All on one line ofcourse since my mail client will fumble the above.)

This really confuses me since I don't know how this could even happen on
purpose. The only thing I could come up with is that cyrus happens to
prot_printf() to pout which happens to be the file descriptor for syslog.
I did try to comment out the syslog line that sends this and now I get a
different syslog line.

I tried to attach to the process with gdb but of course I am doing it after I
see this error and lmtpproxyd is now happily sitting in select() waiting for the
other end to send more data. Meanwhile the other end (sendmail in this case) is
waiting for the banner. Has anyone seen this behavior?

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