cyrus' sieve and Includes

Dilyan Palauzov Dilyan.Palauzov at
Sun Dec 17 15:07:40 EST 2006

   Hello Florian,  
does not say that cyrus' sieve implements . Moreover if it  
was implemented, the include cabability shall have been included in  
the CAPABILITY-line, when connecting over sievemanage. But "telnet 2000" does not mention "include", while saying  
"implementation cyrus timsieved 2.3.7". At the same time I have not  
patched sieve/timsieved that much, that they surpress one or other  

   So in theory cyrus' sieve does not implement the includes  
capabilities, but it is nice to see that practically things go even  


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> Dilyan Palauzov wrote:
>>  Hello Ken,
>>  To my knowledge cyrus sieve does not implement   
>> and moreover   
>> making a global include in the start of the user's sieve script,   
>> does not mean that the users cannot remove it. Acutally they can,   
>> if they can edit the script.
> It does (at least in cyrus 2.3) - but I'd still like to keep spam-filtering
> seperated from any other filters.

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