cyrus moving mails with a MUA

Peter Hamtal torgan at
Wed Dec 13 23:57:04 EST 2006


i have installed cyrus 2.2.12 on gentoo.

My problem is that the umask didn´t work like it should when moving
messages in thunderbird from one folder to another.

I use amavis on my system and want to set moved messages with following
permissions: 650
It worked when cyrus is delivering the mail through sieve to the
folders, but when i move a message in thunderbird i get following
permissions set in the folder for example "SPAM".
The permission is then set to 600 ? 
I do not understand why ? What process of cyrus is moving messages when
they where moved with an MUA ?

My umask in imapd.conf is set to:
umask: 027
User and group of the imap spool Folders are:


Are there any security issues not to set the umask to 027 ?


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