UMich work on Cyrus IMAPd

Wesley Craig wes at
Thu Aug 24 14:25:10 EDT 2006

On 11 Aug 2006, at 11:15, Ken Murchison wrote:
> Wesley Craig wrote:
>> Yeah, I have a mixed test cluster up, that I'm using to fix the  
>> various xfer problems.  Pass it along, and I'll test it.
> Here it is.  I removed all of legacy parameter crap.  My new  
> 'theory' is  to store and pass around ACLs including the legacy  
> macros (in the same manner as the GETACL response).  The server  
> then does the 'right thing' when cresting the rights bitmask.

Ken, I've tested this in our mixed 2.2/2.3 backend environment.  It  
seems to behave correctly for all 2.2 <-> 2.3 xfers.  I'm not running  
any 2.2 frontends, but it's clear to me that the code will function  
correctly in that case as well.  This is a very elegant solution.   
Thank you for it!

Paul recently submitted:

which fixes:

	1) reconstruct removes already expunged messages, defeating delayed  
	2) reconstruct doesn't tell the "sync" service to replicate its changes
	7) reconstruct should notice and correct mailbox ID conflicts

We still have these open issues:

	3) xfer doesn't replicate expunged messages

( ):
	4) xfer onto a replicating backend causes sync_client to exit
	5) xfer off a replicating backend doesn't remove data from the replica
	8) renaming users causes sync_client to exit

And the biggie ( ):

	6) removing folders doesn't benefit from delayed expunge

What will it take to get a workable solution to this problem included  
in production releases?


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