reconstruct should not destroy a readable cyrus.expunge.

Robert Mueller robm at
Sun Aug 13 06:57:19 EDT 2006

>> The only problem is that you really want "globally" unique id's.
>> We've seen a couple of cases with reused uniqueid's (probably our  fault 
>> with some of the messy stuff we do at the low level), and it  really 
>> stuffs up replication. To get globally unique, you'd have to  check every 
>> cyrus.header file of every mailbox if I'm not mistaken?
> I don't think they need to be globally unique, just unique per user. 
> Both replication and the seen DB use per-user unique mailbox IDs.

Ok, for some reason I thought we had problems at one stage with non-globally 
unique id's, but I might have been (e.g. most probably was) mistaken.


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