UMich work on Cyrus IMAPd

Wesley Craig wes at
Thu Aug 10 21:50:05 EDT 2006

In the interest of not writing code that someone else is already  
fixing, I wanted to share the list of Cyrus IMAPd related work that  
UMich is doing:

	1) reconstruct removes already expunged messages, defeating delayed  
	2) reconstruct doesn't tell the "sync" service to replicate its changes
	3) xfer doesn't replicate expunged messages
	4) xfer onto a replicating backend causes replication to exit
	5) xfer off a replicating backend doesn't remove data from the replica
	6) removing folders doesn't benefit from delayed expunge
	7) reconstruct should notice and correct mailbox ID conflicts

That's "it" for now.  If you're interested or already working on any  
of these issues, please post on the list!

We've also got patches, here: 

The two most important changes are that ACLs are stored in pre-RFC  
4314 format in cyrus.header, mailbox.db, and mupdate, so that mixed  
Cyrus IMAPd 2.2 frontend/2.3 backend systems function properly; and  
per-user CPU usage telemetry.  I think the other changes are either  
already in CVS or have been superseded by better fixes in CVS.


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