annotations.db corruption

Ken Murchison murch at
Sun Apr 9 22:54:24 EDT 2006

Bernhard Reiter wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 05:24:53PM -0400, Ken Murchison wrote:
>> Martin Konold wrote:
>>> Am Freitag, 7. April 2006 16:35 schrieb Ken Murchison:
>>>> or a process if dying in the middle of a txn.
>>> This is also my guess. (I am guessing that a process dies due to some 
>>> memory allocation/mapping issues and I spotted some potential code 
>>> candidates.)
>>> Can you explain how a dying process can create such a broken skiplist db?
>>> I was under the impression that due to the transactional nature of 
>>> skiplist a dying process cannot turn the db unusable.
>> Like I said, I'm not real familiar with the skiplist code so I don't 
>> know if my guess is reasonable or not.
> Do you know whom we could ask that is familiar with the code?
> We also consider switching to berkeley db for this database,
> would you recommend this? It seem much better to get to the core of
> the problem, but we seem to be stuck so far.

I've already asked the person that wrote the code to take a look and 
share his thoughts.

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