patch for saslpasswd2 (DB_NOTFOUND error fix)

Andrey V. Malyshev amal at
Sun Nov 6 05:35:12 EST 2005


I've written some patch solving bothered subj problem. Following changes are 
made: before attempt of removal of fields
"cmusaslsecretCRAM-MD5", "cmusaslsecretDIGEST-MD5", "cmusaslsecretPLAIN" we 
have to check up, whether there are they actually. I've used some fragments 
from auth_sasldb.c in this patch.

I hope, this patch will help to get rid at last from this cosmetic bug.

Perhaps, it is possible (after any editing, if it is necessary) to add this 
patch to the current cvs tree?

Software: both cyrus-sasl2.1.21 and current cvs snapshot.
Tested on FreeBSD 5.4 only.

With best regards, Andrey V. Malyshev.
E-mail: amal at 
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