patch for more fine grained date in cyr_expire

Kjetil Torgrim Homme kjetilho at
Thu Dec 1 06:53:49 EST 2005

we make a shadow delivery of all e-mail, so when users screw up and
delete all their e-mail, we can resend the messages and they're happy.
unfortunately, the duplicate suppression will often kick in, and so we
need to use cyr_expire to prune the database prior to reinjecting the
e-mail.  the minimum ttl allowed by cyr_expire is 24 hours, and this is
a long wait for those users.

so, this simple patch makes it possible to specify a duration shorter
than that, e.g. cyr_expire -E 2h or cyr_expire -e 0.5d

the behaviour should be backwards compatible.

the patch is against 2.2.12, please consider it for inclusion.  I
haven't checked CVS HEAD, if integration is problematic, please let me
know and I'll rework the patch.
Kjetil T.

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