cyrus-imapd-2.4.17-caldav-beta9 released

Ken Murchison murch at
Tue Dec 17 09:18:54 EST 2013

We are pleased to announce the ninth beta release of Cyrus IMAP with 
integrated calendaring and contacts.  This is a bugfix release with the 
following changes:

- Fixed bug in parsing of Accept header (now accepts */* and <type>/*)
- Fixed telemetry logging bug (old garbage appearing in log)
- Added a workaround for the DELETE bug in MacOS X 10.9.0 Calendar

The complete list of changes can be found in doc/changes.html in the 

This code is based on the stable Cyrus 2.4.17 release with support for 
HTTP-based services (CalDAV, CardDAV, RSS, and Timezone) added.  All of 
the standard Cyrus IMAP daemons and utilities should be considered 
production quality in this release, but the HTTP support is in beta status.

You can download via HTTP or FTP:

Installation documentation will be found in doc/install-http.html in the 

Upgrade documentation will be found in doc/install-upgrade.html in the 

Thanks for your continued support, and we look forward to any and all 

Kenneth Murchison
Principal Systems Software Engineer
Carnegie Mellon University

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