[SCA-Dance] Wolgemut Pennsic Activities

Judith judithsca at aol.com
Fri Jul 20 18:56:52 EDT 2007


     This year, that fabulous ensemble of travelling minstrels, Wolgemut,
now new and improved, will be performing in ways never seen before!  

      Join us in the market place under the tree by the post for a
fun-filled market dance, everyday at 1400 (2pm--- Starting Saturday of the
middle weekend); we will be partying away to some of the simpler dances, all
taught on the spot for your convenience.  What's that--- you've never danced
before?    Not a problem, the dances do not require perfection, merely a
desire to have fun!

     Then, on that night of lunacy sometimes known as Midnight Madness, the
good master piper will be leading us on a lively pilgrimage through the
market place, in homage to the Muse Terpsichore, where her supplicants will
make sacrifice of ankle and calf upon her altar.  Watch as we wend our way
through the streets; join the ranks of those who honour her by rendering
your own sacrifice.  The ultimate goal of our pilgrimage will be the great
Barn, where we will commence the ultimate offering: the Brawl Fest.  Come
and revel (whether by dancing or listening) to the sweet, not-so-gentle
strains of bagpipe and shawm until the wee hours of the morning.  What's
this--- you do not know any dances?  Once more, not a problem--- all dances
will be walked through.  

      And after enough wine or beer, what should a congenital inability to
recognize rhythm matter? ;)


I hope to see many of you there!




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