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Stacy Mitchell stacymitchell at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 6 01:26:51 EDT 2007

We have just moved to Redmond WA from the UK.  My daughter and I attended 
some SCA events in England.  One of her best memories was dancing until 
midnight in the ruins of a torch lit and moon lit castle to medieval music.

I know that this is short notice.  It is her birthday on the 14th July,-- we 
are doing a King Arthur theme and she said yesterday that what she would 
MOST LIKE to do is medieval dancing.

Is there someone in the area who teaches that and would be able to come for 
an hour or so to a children's party?  Obviously, I can't afford to pay a 
bunch of musicians, but I was hoping to maybe use a CD and pay one person to 
demonstrate.  It is a small group of children-- about 10 to 12 and maybe 
some parents.  Can you think of anyone who would be interested in this?

Thank you, Stacy
stacymitchell at hotmail.com   or 425 788 -1517

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