[SCA-Dance] RE: A few more random thoughts about the Volta

Annikki Weston annikki at comcast.net
Mon Feb 13 19:08:10 EST 2006

> My name is Brian Spurling and I am the Dance Director at the Michigan
> Renaissance Festival.
> I am looking to teach La Volta "properly" which means I wish to learn La
> Volta "properly".  Does anyone have any ideas?

You're all of maybe an hour north of myself and also the Thursday night 
dance practices in Cynnabar(Ann Arbor).  You'd be more than welcome at 
the practice, I'd be more than happy to drive north to meet up with your 
dancers, and we'd be thrilled to see you at Terpsichore at the Tower, 
April 8, as mentioned before in private email.

While I can't teach you La Volta itself, I can start you with some 
basics of dance in the period used for Michigan Ren Fest, like the 
pavanne and galliard.  An understanding of these basics before meeting 
up with folks who can do La Volta, at Terp, would really help you get 
more out of it.

Adele Desfontaines
(Annikki Weston)

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