[SCA-Dance] La Volta questions

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 Hi: I sent this lady my teaching notes for the Volta - if anyone else
wants them, let me know.  The reconstruction I use is not the only one
possible, of course.  The Volta *is* a lot of fun to do.


Meredith Courtney

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I received this email regarding the ball and dance classes at the
upcoming St. Valentine's Day Massacre, for which I am the dance
coordinator.  I attended the class on La Volta at Terpsichore in
Cynnabar last year, but did not participate myself.  I have no personal
experience with this dance.  I've also only seen the dancing in
"Elizabeth" once or twice, so I have no idea how accurate it may be.
That is why I am asking you all for your opinions.  How accurate is the
movie?  What resources for La Volta are available, aside from Arbeau?  I
welcome your comments.

Thank you for your assistance.

Lady Revesz Jlona

> I have always wanted to know what the "Volta" dance is! It's the one 
> that Elizabeth and Robert Dudley do in the "Elizabeth" movie, and it 
> looks like so much fun, but I've yet to see it performed.  Would you 
> take is as a suggestion during class? Thanks! :) ~Lady Viola

Tempus saltandi!

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