[SCA-AE] ANNOUNCE: From the AEthelmearc Seneschal RE: BOD

Clare Jackson thecoribird at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 20 17:05:31 EDT 2011

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At the Board meeting on October 15, 2011, the Board members covered
several item sof business that have been a very hot topic on some other
e-lists through the Society.

Specifically, the addressed the issue of same-gender leadership in the
SCA.  They covered three areas: 
      1. Baronial leadership 
      2. A varience for a same-gender couple to enter a specific Crown Tourney 
      3. An amendment to Corpora to remove the same-gender ban in Royal Lists

You can read more about this at SCA - Today (take out the spaces) 
I am aware that there are many people with many opinions about this
topic.  The question of Baronial leadership has been ruled on and
same-gendered couples will be allowed to run and serve as leaders in a
The specific Crown Tourney had passed before the Board addressed the
issue and it was also decided that the only way TO address the issue is
to amend Corpora - bringing us to the third item.
The Board is looking for public comment.  I fully expect to see
conversations about this on the AEthelmearc e-groups.  It is one of the
most effective ways for us all to talk to each.  I expect that not
everyone commenting will agree with each other.
Importantly, I expect everyone to be polite and courteous.
AEthelmearc has a reputation far and wide for being the 'nice' Kingdom
and I have faith that the marvelous people of this Kingdom will live up
to my expectations.
Thank you all.
YIS, Mistress Cori

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