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> This is Cathay's last year at Pennsic; they closing shop after War.
> Huon

     Cathay, too? Pretty soon, we're going to run out of places to eat! The Cathay was my other top choice for lunch at Pennsic! When I read the Fruity Cobbler was closing, I said to myself, "At least there's still the Cathay..."


      Well, I also miss the EMT Inn... as well as a food merchant (whose name I cannot now recall), some years ago, who sold chicken! 


      In the case of the latter, I had just finished making announcements in the merchant area, and had forgotten to take off my tabard when I sat down to eat. I remarked "Pretty good chicken!" and the food merchant said, "And another unsolicited testimonial from the Heralds!"


    With all these food merchants closing, who will take their place?



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