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Looking so forward to fighting these woods. :)


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> Subject: [SCA-AE] The NEW Woods
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> Date: Tuesday, July 20, 2010, 10:35 PM
> There has been some concern about the
> 30' ravines in the woods.
> Having been in this woods let me tell you its far worse
> than that.  
> There are very few places where you can see the ground
> because the  
> ferns and foliage is so dense. there are plants up to your
> shins and  
> knees with logs hidden under them just waiting to trip
> you.
> There is poison ivy mixed in with briar bushes (what a
> combo)
> There are vision obstructing low hanging tree branches.
> Places where  
> the tree roots come out of the side of the hill over your
> head.
> Pits of muddy muck that will suck the boots right off of
> you if it  
> rains.
> In short this woods is PRIMATIVE and AWESOME.
> There will be injuries. You may be one of them. Enter at
> your own risk.
> Now for the good news.
> I saw NO LONG NEEDLE PINES to poke you eyes. This is a far
> more  
> ancient forest and it is filled with broad leaf trees. Not
> saying you  
> wont take a branch in the eye but it least it wont be sap
> covered  
> needle.
> 90% of this woods is flat.
> It is more dense but not as dense as the section of the old
> woods with  
> the fur trees. The broad leaves act as sound dampening. It
> is unlikely  
> you will hear people passing over 20' away. It is unlikely
> you will  
> see people over 40' away.
> There are a few "deer paths" but other than that your top
> speed is  
> probably 1 - 2 miles an hour if you value your ankles and
> shins.
> There is a road leading to the heart of the woods that I am
> told the  
> Coopers will gravel for ambulance access.
> The ridgelines are excellent for re-orientation and for
> chirurgeons  
> and marshals to coordinate efforts.
> This woods is substantially larger than the old woods.
> ALL OF IT IS KEPT IN PLAY. Yes, you heard me, ridgelines,
> ravines,  
> cliffs, and all.
> The word on the street is that the only limitation to
> banner movement  
> is you cannot run it up a cliff. The phrase that seems to
> be thrown  
> around at this point is you cannot run the banner up a hill
> higher  
> than the banner pole. This decision is up to the Kings and
> their war  
> council.  This way no one places the banner half way
> up a cliff and  
> creates a dangerous fighting environment.
> Marshals say they will allow you to traverse the ravines,
> cliffs,  
> hills etc but that they will call dead and send to res
> anyone who  
> fights on a dangerous slope. Ejecting repeat offenders from
> the battle.
> Although the banners cannot go up the hills the ravines
> offer great  
> opportunities for troop deployment, scouting, and sneak
> flanking.
> Non-Tactical Photo of the new woods: http://forums.armourarchive.org/phpBB2/files/img_0998_559.jpg
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