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Truly, something for everyone!  Thank you.  And wow.


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> Thought this may be of interest!
> Elisabeth
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> Subject: [DW-L] late-medieval picture of a sideless surcoat - dated 1499AD
> Gentles of Drachenwald,
> all ye who are passionate about replica garb and have wondered just how
> late in-period the sideless surcoat was worn, -
>  I commend to you attention a portable alterpiece made for the wedding of
> King Louis XII of France and the Sovereign Duchess of Brittany, Anne de
> Bretagne.
> You can view this lovely object with it's exquisite miniature images in the
> V & A's current Exhibition of medieval Artefacts from their collections. A
> generous gentle has visited the Exhibition and posted pictures online for
> the general pleasure of the Populace, and you may find these at
> http://www.flickr.com/photos/nmfadams/sets/72157624393104825/show/with/4800744446/
> which is the URL displayed in my browser when the triptyche was on my
> screen.
> You may have to run the slideshow to find the two pictures of the
> gold-framed portable triptyche altarpiece, - but it will be worth it. The
> Limner's work is worthy of the Limbourg Brothers, so highly detailed it is -
> on the RH panel, - the Dowager Queen of France and Sovereign  Duchess  Anne
> de Bretagne, depicted in all her wedding splendour, with St. Anne shewn
> standing behind her. The piece is putatively dated to 1499, the occasion of
> that Royal Marriage - which is the latest-dated picture [intended for living
> recipients who would have expected the details shewn therein to be correct]
> of a sideless surcoat I have ever noted.
>  I would add that - whatever other particular conysaunce Gentles of the
> Populace may ascribe to me - I be no expert in the knowledge of period garb
> - so some of you may know of even later depictions of the sideless surcoat.
> naytheless, I thought this would be of interest to the garb enthusiasts
> amongst you.
>  In service to the Medieval Dream,
>  Matthewe Baker, ODB
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