[SCA-AE] Pennsic Knowne World Newcomer's Social needs YOUR help!!

Lindsay Baldassano gilamere at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 14 12:47:55 EDT 2010

Greetings generous subjects of our Sylvan Kingdom!!

Here is one chance to allow our Kingdom's hospitality to shine.  Our Kingdom 
Chatelain office, in conjunction with that of the Tyger and Dragon, wish to 
welcome and honor our newcomers at Pennsic by hosting a Social for them in the 
Barn on Sunday, August, 8th 1pm-3pm.  But what is a party without food and 

We have the space, the chatelains, the places to sit and mingle...but we need to 
feed our guests!!  What ever shall we do? We need help!  We need snacks! We need 
appetizers, bread, honey butter, desserts...Chocolate!!!   We need to show the 
Tyger and Dragon that the larders and hospitality of the Escarbuncle  are indeed 
richer than any other!  

If you wish to donate any kind of appetizer, side dish, or dessert, please send 
an email to Fru Ellisif (ae.chatelain at aethelmearc.org) so she can keep track how 
is bringing what!  If you can get your donation to Pennsic, but cannot make the  
social, let us know and we can arrange for pick up of your donation at  Pennsic!


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