[SCA-AE] New A&S Policy at Pennsic

Lady Giovanna da Napoli greyraven315 at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 7 21:14:34 EDT 2010

A have a simply question. What if an A&S tent had a class about nudity in 
Medieval Times & how it influenced paintings? What about an A&S tent on brewing 
alcohol? I know that most will say that these questions should have a common 
sense answer, but most adults are saying that minor children should be allowed 
to go into any adult A&S tent, and that they shouldn't have to have an adult 
supervising them. With that said, What is a teacher supposed to do, when a minor 
enters in an inappropriate adult class and that child does not have an adult 
with them? 

Here's the situation that the teacher is put into; they politely tell the minor 
that they cannot be in attendance for that class and asks them to leave. The 
minor refuses because,"my mom &/or dad said that I can go where ever I want & 
take any class I want." Again the teacher explains that their specific class is 
not for minors. Then the minor starts to cause a problem and the teacher has to 
put a freeze, on their class, because they now have to seek out help, parents 
need to be tracked down, and an incident report may need to be filed. This can 
completely cancel that class time because the teacher may have to spend the next 
few hours trying to get this situation worked out.

The situation above can happen, but can all be avoided by simply having an adult 
go with the minor child. I've read many say that the Pennsic Mayor needs to use 
"common "sense. Parents need to also use "common" sense too. There are reasons 
for this new policy at Pennsic and there are reasons to not have this new policy 
at Pennsic, but I still do not understand why there are so many people against 

It is up to the parents, in making sure that their minor children are following 
the rules of the SCA and of Pennsic, so why not lead by example instead of being 
aggravated by this policy that is for this year's Pennsic. It may be a slight 
inconvenience, but I would rather know that an adult is with my minor child that 
is of my choosing than for something to happen and my child be scared with all 
the strangers.

 Lady Giovanna Antonia da Napoli 

From: john kyle <jfkyle at gmail.com>
To: discussion at aethelmearc.org
Sent: Wed, July 7, 2010 6:51:23 PM
Subject: Re: [SCA-AE] New A&S Policy at Pennsic

I am still concerned that there is a different set of rules for running
> around camp, going to the store, crossing Currie Road, fighting in the youth
> (or adult) lists, and attending youth activities than there is for attending
> a class in a tent.  Again, I wonder what they are so concerned will happen
> in an A&S tent that no one else is worried about in the larger encampment?
hmmmm...maybe we shouldn't remind the policy makers that youth are treated
as people outside the a&s tents.  next year's policy could be all youth must
be accompanied by at least 2 adults and wear a leash.

sionn, the lost
"lost in time and...lost in space...and...meaning."
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