[SCA-AE] Fw: Re: New A&S Policy at Pennsic

Ireland-delfs, Orilee Orilee.Ireland-delfs at xerox.com
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Perfect.  Institute a policy that can't even begin to enforce.  Bah!

I have been trying to figure out how I would articulate my opinions of what is wrong with the policy and I cannot even begin to figure out where to start!  There are so many things wrong with implementation as well as enforcement...it was obviously instituted without any consideration whatsoever of how it will affect those most impacted by it.

I think I will leave it to folk like Mistress Arianna to meet with the Mistress Catherine about how to moderate this policy to make it more common sensical for future Pennsics.

Disgusted, annoyed, and in one respect glad she isn't going to Pennsic this year....
PS - Both of my daughters, who are old enough not to be affected by this policy, think it is stupid too....and like many of our SCA children have probably been attending Pennsic longer than most adults, including some who are now running the thing.

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I asked Mistress Catherine Aimee that question last week. The answer was essentially "none." Teachers will not be required to check whether an adult accompanying a kid to a class is really their parent.
Though as I said before, I do not intend to teach my children to lie.


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So, enforcement?  Do we need to take photo ID to classes now?

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