[SCA-AE] NMS--wider consideration

David Salley salley at galileo.canisius.edu
Sat Feb 27 09:21:55 EST 2010

> > > There was even a "Three Bad Peers" song contest:
> > > http://www.pbm.com/pipermail/minstrel/1995/006299.html
> >
> > There was indeed.  I do not now recall who won.
> I believe it was Lord Dagonell Collingwood. :-)
> Arianna

My fingetips are burning, someone must be typing about me on the Internet. :D

Winning Entry:
Ricketty-Ticketty Peers

Not The Winning Entry:
The Evil Peer Polka

True to them being Evil Peers(tm), I never did get the prize they promised!
-- Dagonell

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