[SCA-AE] Retry Sending: Bears Event Feat Menu

Tracie Whitney traciewhitney at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 26 13:36:26 EST 2010

Sorry for the previous bad attatchment.  HERE is the feast menu. ~Ottilig~

Feast of the Bears ~ Shire of Stormsport ~ February 27th, 2010

~The Crusades~

Potage de Lapin (Rabbit Stewed with Apples, Raisins, and Honey)
Salade Verte (Green Salad)
Pains et Beurre (Rolls with Butter)
Poires d’Angoisse (Pears poached in wine and honey)


Limonia di Polli (Lemon Chicken)
De Li Sparaci (Asparagus with Lemon)
Macharoni Romaneschi (Homemade Pasta)
Torta di Marzapane (Marzipan Tart)

The Holy Land
Janb Mubazzar (Spiced Lamb Ribs)
Arruz al-Basal (Rice with Onion)
Khiyar Mukhallal (Cucumber Salad)
Naranj, Tamr, Fustuq (Oranges, Dates, and Pistachios)


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