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Carroll, Michael (Facilities) mcarroll at monroecc.edu
Thu Feb 25 09:13:27 EST 2010


It's often misunderstood, but the SCA is NOT a member corporation. Having recently created a not-for-profit, educational corporation (in NY granted, but they're all similar) I've learned that there *is* a variety of membership formats.  The members of the SCA, Inc. are those who vote on decisions that affect the corporation and the body.  We are not members of the SCA, if we were we would elect the Board and would have to vote on most of the major decisions they make.  Granted, this would make us all feel like we were in control, but I'm pretty sure the organization would very quickly be crushed by the weight of the logistics involved with that type of structure, particularly when it comes to variations in state laws.  We voluntarily pay dues... for which we are entitled to hold offices and receive a newsletter.  Personally, I'm cool with that... the SCA is the absolute cheapest organization in which I participate. Both dues and event fees are ridiculously low-priced and I'm amazed that both the corporation and local groups still function on such low income.  But then, maybe that's one of the reasons that some kingdoms are bleeding funds these days.   


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And, please recall, NONE of us are legally members of SCA, Inc.  That is reserved to the Board and (I believe) the President, Vice President, & maybe one or two other officers of the corporation.


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