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Gretchen Beck grm at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Feb 24 21:14:33 EST 2010

--On Wednesday, February 24, 2010 9:05 PM -0500 Jenn Bastian
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> I am sorry that you feel undervalued.  You do not, however, know the 
> complete scope of Renee's position.  I do not know everything she does. I
> do  know that she was invaluable to me as Kingdom Seneschale, as I am
> sure she  is to the Society Seneschale and Board of Directors.  I am
> getting extremely  tired of emails & posts in various locations
> besmirching her and her work.  Do you like the fact that you can sign
> your waiver online? Do you think it  is important for the BOD to have
> meetings that are open to the public and  available to the populace by
> rotating through the Kingdoms?  I know that she  contributes in both of
> these issues - which if not important to you are  certainly important to
> me.

I have nothing buy respect for Renee and the work she does -- I think she
earns every penny of her salary.

However, I think any organization that relies as heavily as the SCA appears
to on one specific individual (rather than on whoever happens to be doing a
particular job at a particular time) is in deep trouble -- what happens
when Rene retires, or has to give up the position?  Are we planning
adequately for this -- is what she does documented -- does she have a
drop-dead, or is she training someone to act in her stead if, for example,
she receives an all-expense paid grant to study for 2 years in the
place/topic of her dreams? (I honestly don't know -- but somehow, given the
continued reliance on one person in one position, I doubt it).

toodles, margaret

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