[SCA-AE] SCA budget and newcomers

Lindsay Baldassano gilamere at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 24 16:16:07 EST 2010

Greetings Alexandra and all,

All this has got me thinking and going what patterns I have seen newcomer
motivation for buying their membership.  What I realized that a newcomer
becomes, generally speaking now, very motivated to consider member right before
an event they want to go to, perhaps their first, or perhaps their second or
third (when they realize they do want to do the SCA thing).  But it comes right
before the event...sometimes even the night before.  If we can make ourselves
more available to discuss membership with newcomers say a week or two before
our local events, we might maximize on their motivation. 

As for welcoming booths at events, some group still do this.  I know our local
group still makes the attempt, but many times we lack the support to man a
table for the entire day of an event.  While many might think it is up to
chatelain to man to table alone, is it really right to confine on person to a
table all day for every local event, without the chance to get on the field and
to hunt somebody down to get their lunch or sit at the table for just a few
minutes while they get their lunch?  Our office needs the support of the entire
local group, from the marshals to the A&S.  Other chatelains feel their
newcomer is best spent walking the sight looking for people to talk to, making
sure everyone is doing something they want to do.  Think of it as the quality
control portion of our office.  We do need to do both, but we need the
volunteers, enthusiasm, and support of the local populace to do it.

To our populace, please, use our Chatelain materials on our website, get in
touch with your local chatelain to see if there anything he or she needs!  We
can't do it without you!

Best Wishes,


And that brings us to the NMS.  See, to me this can be an opportunity for
the chatelaines.  We should have a chatelaine table near troll, with a big
sign that says "New to the SCA?  Start here."  With donated funds, the
chatelaines could pay the NMS for the newcomer, and give them some "welcome
to the SCA" type literature.  Then the newcomer could be assigned a buddy if
they so want.  Maybe that would help to turn that negative into a positive.



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