[SCA-AE] NMS, etc. and royalty comps

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Only discounted *minors* can have the NMS waived if they don't show proof of membership at the door.  So that rule doesn't apply.  However, the next one down does (referring again to http://www.sca.org/BOD/announcements/nms.html):


(4) The NMS will not be collected for any adult for whom an entry fee or required donation is not collected, even if others are required to pay at the same event.


So besides not charging comp'ed Royalty, autocrats could build into their fee structure that the first 15 gentles for whom this is their first event will have the site fee waived.  [Not the food fees, but only if the food fees are optional in the first place - an important point].  This would allow new people to not pay the NMS.  The College of Cour d'Or held a little Schola geared toward newcomers back in '03 or '04 and did this.  It worked out very well.


I do have a class that I teach about Event Finances that includes how to budget for comps and collect and account for the NMS, if anyone is interested in the files (includes relevant policies), or would like me to teach it at some event.


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> > No, it would make it right and proper. If you or I are officers, we,
> > too, are required to maintain our memberships through our terms. And
> > yet, if I forget my blue card, I'm required to pay the NMS. His Majesty
> > and I are both paying members and we should both live by the NMS rule.
> > 
> > Fridrikr
> Although, generally a group will "comp" their Maj's/High's. Wouldn't this
> count as a discount and, therefore, make the NMS waived under that rule?
> toodles, margaret
> *feeling somewhat socratic today*
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