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Tue Feb 23 09:35:41 EST 2010

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People  LIKE discounts. They don't like "extra" charges. Think about
your purchases  anywhere else. When they take money off the base amount
you are more likely  to leave the store happy. When they add money on to
the base charge you  feel cheated and are more likely to leave the store
angry. Extra points  question... do you want your customer base to be
happy or  angry...


..an interesting question.  Who are the customers?  The  people who pay to 
participate in an event or the ones who grumble because they  are expected 
to?  There is no issue related to the spending of money that  operates on the 
same structure that it did five or ten years ago.  With the  exception of 
computer memory, all prices seem to continue to rise.  Why  would we expect 
this to be any different.  The cost of most events is the  rough equivalent 
of a movie and popcorn for a day's entertainment or  diversion.  This is, it 
seems to me, a tempest in a teapot.  

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