[SCA-AE] NMS--wider consideration

Chakalis, Joseph jchakalis at admin.rochester.edu
Tue Feb 23 09:26:43 EST 2010

The psychology for this is all wrong in the first place. You don't put a
surcharge on non-members. That says "we don't really want you here".
Corporate needs to rethink how they spin these things. You set the event
fee to whatever amount including the corporate "cut" and then offer a
member discount. It all amounts to the same thing in the end, but you
are putting the stress on a positive note rather than a negative one. It
says "we value our members" not "we hate outsiders." (Carrot, not stick,

Friends of mine (long-time members that had drifted away) wanted to get
back into the SCA and came to Pax. First they were shocked by how
expensive events had become but then the other shoe was dropped on them
when they couldn't produce a membership card. They were disgusted and on
their way out the door when another friend caught them and paid the
surcharge for them. They stayed for the day but haven't been back since
(a year and a half). They spent much of the day grumbling about the
extra charge. The situation could have been mitigated by saying "this is
the entry fee but if you have a membership card we can discount that for
you. People LIKE discounts. They don't like "extra" charges. Think about
your purchases anywhere else. When they take money off the base amount
you are more likely to leave the store happy. When they add money on to
the base charge you feel cheated and are more likely to leave the store
angry. Extra points question... do you want your customer base to be
happy or angry...


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