[SCA-AE] Parking at Ice Dragon

Carnaby Collectibles carnabyservices at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 21:23:31 EST 2010

We are hoping for the best (i.e. lots of spaces right near the site since it is a weekend), but the reality is that yes, people may have to park a couple of blocks away or more. That's why we're having the manned tent in the front as a drop spot for people, so that at least people will not have to drag gear that far, rain or shine. We are also really encouraging people to drive together as much as possible. We did look into using other lots, but they are even further away.
A comparable example of the distances might be from the parking lot to the fighting fields at Barony Wars, to give you an idea.
We're just thankful to actually have a site for Ice Dragon - we lost our scheduled (and contracted for) site at the last minute when it was suddenly turned into a warehouse and all contracts were cancelled. It took a lot of scrambling from our event team to even locate a site capable of handling the event - and it went right down to the wire, with Ice Dragon coming in real danger of being cancelled this year. And we could not have dreamed of a better site - inside.
Unfortunately, the downside is indeed the parking. But - we figured better that than no event. And....letting everyone know clearly up front about the parking situation so that people can be prepared. We'll do our very best to make things as easy as possible for people (and I welcome any other suggestions) - and once you get inside, we can promise you an amazing event!
Cheers - Tiercelin

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