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Greetings from Myfanwy!
True, but I would still like to see what their sources are (after all, they *are* a 
commercial catering company -- and I've been to a "Medieval Banquet" in 

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>> I looked at the description they posted of their medieval feast, and I'd really 
>> to see their sources/redactions.  Because they said in the article that they 
>> their own farm market garden, and underneath the article they had pictures 
>> potatoes and tomatoes (as well as what I understand to be non-period 
>> carrots).  So I'm naturally a bit skeptical.
>I don't get the impression that that photo montage is necessarily
>related to their medieval feast. I think it's just decorative
>photography illustrating their "fresh ingredients". After all, they
>don't restrict their historical cooking to the Middle Ages.
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