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Hi.  You are fortunate that you have several good groups close to you.  The Senechal for Gryffin's Keep is  Siobhan MacDermott (mka Melissa Strobel) and she can be reached at siobhanmacdermott at comcast.net.  

-Rachel Dalicieux

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> Greetings from Myfanwy!
> I can try to get some of that info to you later in the day -- the seneschale out 
> there is one of my husband's apprentices.  Unfortunately, I need to go to a 
> different computer and search back through last's year's posts to get an email 
> address for her (I switched email addresses at the beginning of the year, and 
> now have to read mail through the new ISP's website).
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> >Subject: [SCA-AE] shire of gryffyns keep  
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> >greating to all. i'm trying to find any information about the shire of gryffyns 
> keep. i'm going to get involved with the sca again, and that would be a close 
> group to me. if i go to the kingdom website, there's no contact information. i 
> live in fayette county, and that one and the one in washington are the closest. 
> could anybody point me in the right direction. thank you and good day.
> >Blain McClain.
> >
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