[SCA-AE] Aethelmearc War College Classes

Shawn MacIntyre medicmacintyre15219 at yahoo.com
Fri May 22 17:38:20 EDT 2009

Greetings to the Populace, 

Below is the current list of classes scheduled for War College on June 6. There is still room available for classes if anyone would like to teach, please contact me. I will send out a schedule of class times in the next week.

In Service,

Liam MacanTsaoir

Basic Training: Understanding your place in the Army - Lord Liam MacanTsaoir

Shieldwall Tactics - Lord Grizzly of Black Talon

Spearfighting in Field and Bridge Battle - Baron Sir Alonzio if the Peacemakers

Youth Fighting All Day Round Table - Lady Zoe Akropolantina

Fighting Two Sword - Baroness Ariella of Thornbury

Waterbearing 101 - Lady Sarab bint Alima and 

Ruaidri MacAoidh

Preparing for Pennsic: A guide for new SCA campers - TH Lady Constance Glyn Dwr

War According to Torvaldr -

(Baron) Torvaldr Torgarson

Additionally there will be an open archery field all day, and fencers will have plenty of open space in which to hone their skills.

For those not looking for fighting: Our Feastocrat Odriana is offering instruction in cooking throughout the day as well as preparing an wonderful lunch, which you will see at the link below.



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